Republic EPay

Republic EPay is Republic Bank’s E-Commerce Solution. Now, companies of all sizes can benefit from receiving payments digitally, even without a website! Businesses can now easily expand their customer reach without geographical boundaries.


  • Product Information

    Our new and improved Republic EPay now delivers the following value features:

    • Ability to receive online credit card payments even without having a website
    • A simplified on-boarding process, with complete setup in as little as four (4) working days
    • A digital platform suitable for ALL business sizes
    • Affordable tiered packages with low monthly payments
    • Convenient online payments, which reduces person to person contact


    Republic EPAY also provides:

    • Fraud management services with 3D Secure merchant status and advanced transaction monitoring
    • Dedicated Service Representative for reconciliation and technical assistance
    • On the ground training on: e-commerce risks, best practices, fraud management and reconciliation
    • Customised reporting
    • Chargeback management to contain potential administrative/fraud related losses
    • Reimbursement for all payments within 48hrs
    • Integration of Republic EPAY processing platform with your existing or proposed website


    With this service, you can accept payments made using the following:

    • Any Visa/MasterCard branded Credit Card
    • International Visa Debit Card – currently supported by certain Banks’ cards


    Want to know more? Contact our Marketing Representative below to get full details:
    Name: Evan Webster
    Contact: (264)-333-3005 Ext 26401

  • Benefits of using EPay

    Key Benefits of Republic EPay are:

    • Secure online real-time access from any device anywhere in the world
    • Quick and simple registration
    • Simplified on-boarding process, setup in as little as 4 business days
    • Payment reminders, recurring billing, inventory management
    • Simple and easy dashboard that guides you through your daily tasks
    • Web Store –modern online store with just a few clicks
    • Payment Button
    • A digital platform suitable for all business sizes
    • Lower overhead costs
  • How To Apply

    Sign up for Republic EPay by using either of the following steps:

    • Submit your electronic application here.
    • Or
    • Download the Merchant Services Application Form here. Complete the form and email the scanned copy to or return to the nearest Republic Bank branch.

    Our dedicated Merchant Services representatives will be in contact with you to complete the application process.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is Electronic Commerce (E-commerce)?

      E-Commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and/or services over an electronic system such as the internet.

    • Why should I be interested in E-commerce?

      E-Commerce offers your business competitive advantages such as:
      - 24/7/365 access to your business by customers.
      - Access to local, regional and international customers.
      - Lower overhead costs.

    • What is the purpose of a payment gateway partner?

      A payment gateway partner provides all parties with the ability to process transactions in a safe and secure manner aligned with card industry standards. It is for this reason that customers with existing websites and those without a website who simply wish to accept an online payment can be certain that their transactions are being processed in a secured manner.

    • Why should I use Republic EPAY?

      Republic EPAY provides a:

      • Robust, safe and secure payment solution powered by a Banking Partner that is the leader in the acquiring and Card Payment space in Trinidad and Tobago.
      • Highly customized solutions which caters to large companies/entities who wish to integrate to a website or to Small/Medium Enterprise customers who are simply looking for a solution that offers online credit card acceptance.
      • Full digital onboarding solution which can have you accepting online credit and debit card transactions in little as 4 working days.
      • Customized package depending on your business size and needs at very competitive prices.
      • Bundled offer which supports face to face acceptance as well as online acceptance.
      • Combination of tools for enhanced fraud and transaction monitoring.
    • What fees would I have to pay?

      The fees are:
      - The Merchant Credit Card Commission Rate (subject to confirmation upon assessment)
      - The payment gateway provider’s processing fees. This will depend on your selected package.

      A range of special monthly packages are available for both website integration or a simple invoicing and payment button solution. Contact our Marketing Representative below to get full details:
      Name: Evan Webster
      Contact: (264)-333-3005 Ext 26401


    • How is troubleshooting handled?
      • If you created your website separately, website related issues will be handled between the merchant and the website developer. If you have a website from our tiered packages, website related issues will be handled by Republic Bank.
      • Reconciliation issues and issues with the payment gateway/checkout page may be directed to Republic Bank. Please call our representative, Evan Webster, 264-333-3005 Ext 26401 or email
    • How soon will I receive payment for transactions?

      Once you submit transactions for settlement, your Republic Bank account will be credited within 48hrs

    • What reconciliation tools are available?

      The payment gateway provides an Online Reconciliation application for the merchant to access. Additionally, Republic Bank will issue a daily email on settlement and charge details.

    • How do I sign up for Republic EPAY?
      • Submit your electronic application here.
      • Or
      • Download the Merchant Services Application Form here. Complete the form and email the scanned copy to or return to the nearest Republic Bank branch.
      • After successful assessment, you will be required to review and sign the Merchant Agreement.
      • Select one of the tiered payment packages or engage the services of a website developer.
      • If a web developer is selected, you will then meet with the Bank’s enablers to ensure integration of Republic EPAY with your website.
    • How long will it take before I can be operational?
      To become operational, it could take as little as 4 business days. For more complex integrations, scoping will be required.
    • Do I have to be a banking customer?
      No, we can credit funds to any local Bank through ACH. If however you have an account at RBL, payments to that account will be processed in a shorter time period so you can access your funds quicker.