While the functions of your debit card will stay the same, your bank account number, debit card number and debit card will change. We will provide further updates on your new account, card details and card collection periods as the conversion process moves forward.


Debit Cards

  • Will I receive a new debit card?

    Yes. You will receive a new debit card.

  • Will my debit card number change?

    Yes. Your debit card number will change. We encourage you to update any subscription or bill payment services you may use with your new account and card details.

  • How will I get my new debit card?

    If you are a resident, your card can be collected at the branch. We will advise you of the collection period. If you reside abroad, a representative from your branch will contact you to arrange for collection.

  • Will my bank account number change?

    Yes. Your bank account number will change. Your new bank account number will be mailed to you.

  • Will my PIN change?

    We will provide information on this as we progress.

  • Will the debit card/s function differently?

    Your new debit card/s will work in the same way that they do now. You can continue to access your account in branch or at any ATM or point of sale terminal where the VISA logo is displayed.

  • Can I use my Republic Bank debit card at other ATMs?

    Yes. Your new Republic Bank Visa Debit card, with chip technology, can be used at other Bank ATMs where the VISA logo is displayed. Other bank charges will still apply as determined by their fee structure and cost.

  • Will my debit card continue to work locally, regionally and internationally?

    Yes. Your debit card will continue to work locally, regionally and internationally at ATMs or point of sale terminals where the VISA logo is displayed. Other bank charges, as defined by the respective banks, will remain in effect.

  • Will the expiration period of my debit card change?

    Yes. Your card will now expire 5 years from the date of receipt of the card.

  • Will my debit card limits (ATM Withdrawal Limit, Point of Sale Limit, Online Transaction Limit etc.) be impacted?

    Yes, there will be changes to your debit card limits. 

  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for the changes?
    • Ensure that all of your information (contact, employment, marital status, etc.) is still correct. Please contact us at (264) 498-4725/conversion@rfhl.com if you have any new information or would like to check your current information.
    • Please note of when the conversion is taking place. We will keep you informed of this and other updates, throughout the whole process via email, letters, social media, and our website.
    • Ensure you have sufficient cash in hand when downtimes are advised as access to your accounts will be limited during these periods.
    • Download your e-statements. We recommend downloading and saving a year’s worth of statements for your records.
    • When you receive your new account and card details, we encourage you to update any online subscriptions, bill payment services, and/or any other service or provider that automatically deducts money from your debit card for services rendered (like Uber, Netflix etc.) to avoid a disruption in service.
  • What is Tap to Pay?

    Tap to Pay is a feature on your Republic Bank Visa debit card that allows you to make purchases without using your pin. Click here for more information.

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